Have You RSVP'd Yet To The Hudson River Airplane Miracle Reunion?


  • Erick Erickson says Al Qaeda says Barack Obama doesn't know what he is saying, so to speak. [RedState]

  • If global warming is real, wouldn't Florida basically be on fire? But right now it's like the total opposite! This fact alone warrants a Drudge Q.E.D. [Gateway Pundit]

  • Not even Michael Steele can stop the burgeoning tide of Conservatism from ravishing the country with 1,000 more years of Reaganism. [Weekly Standard]

  • Growing up in Dickensian England, George Orwell scavenged for stale bread crumbs to supplement his daily ration of boarding school bone pudding. This is probably why George Orwell disliked other humans. [Hit & Run]

  • Some sort of terrible Flight 1549 Bohemian Grove will take place at the bottom of the Hudson River next week. Composure, Alex Jones! Composure. [The Daily Intel]


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