Having Poisoned World Money Supply, Bankers Can Now Poison Young Minds


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested that a group of unemployed people who represent society's most rapacious, morally flexible personalities sculpt the vulnerable minds of innocents. We speak, of course, of out-of-work bankers getting jobs teaching school children. Crazy Europeans! What will they think of next,milk in boxes?

More importantly, we should all be concerned that such a horrible idea might infect minds in our own United States, where unemployed bankers nearly outnumber school-aged children.

"Oh, but bankers know math," say supporters, which just goes to show how little they were paying attention when banks somehow managed to take $500,000 worth of bundled subprime mortgages and leverage them into $5 trillion worth of debt which will be paid off by our great-grandchildren, who will have to work in uranium mines on Mars for the Chinese.

Brown: Jobless bankers can become teachers [AP]


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