Hawt Lindsey Graham-Jim DeMint Smackdown Basically Imminent


Lame non-magical toad wart Jim DeMint just lives to annoy fellow South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, doesn't he? Jim DeMint ruined Lindsey Graham's dreams of a GOP Senate majority, refused to allocate funding for some local science project that ol' Ham Biscuits desperately wanted and then voted against Lindsey's beloved "China you suck" bill to punish China for its currency devaluation. Neener! But because Jim DeMint can never be irritating enough, he led a Senate rebellion Tuesday against a Lindsey Graham co-sponsored amendment to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which caused the amendment to fail with DeMint noting that Lindsey Graham is basically a socialist. Fight fight fight!

The Export-Import Bank finances loans and credit guarantees to boost the sale of American exports (including piles and piles of Boeing airplanes made in South Carolina). The amendment, which was tacked onto the jobs bill that the House already passed, sought to reauthorize and increase funding for the bank. Translation: corporate welfare! Blah blah corporations are people now, and isn't welfare for people universally terrible, Lindsey Graham? Now hold on a minute, sayeth the communist sympathizer:

"I would love to see a world where there was a completely level playing field and we didn't have any kind of subsidies, but we live in a world where the amount of financing available to competitors of American companies is growing," Graham told reporters Monday.

Nice try at some crafty nuance there, SOCIALIST. Look at that Lindsey Graham, he wants to be such a gay French. Jim DeMint is not a gay French.

"America didn't become the world's strongest economy by trying to out-socialize Europe with financial policy, and we won't win the future by picking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars," DeMint told McClatchy.

We are 600% certain that Jim DeMint has no idea what he is talking about, but the point is, are you gonna take that, Lindsey Graham? Fight fight fight! [Politico/McClatchy]


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