Hawt Photo Shows Jared Loughner Posing In His Favorite Red G-String

  • Good morning, here is your news: Alleged Arizona massacre gunman Jared Loughner "photographed himself posing with a 9mm handgun while wearing a red G-string," according to law enforcement people who actually saw this photograph, before removing their eyeballs with a spoon. The photo was discovered in a roll of film that Loughner had dropped off at a Walgreens store. Meanwhile, Loughner's trial has been moved to San Diego due to "extensive pretrial publicity," so some lucky jury in California will probably get to see "Exhibit G: Suspect wearing red G-string, holding Glock with extended magazine." [CNN]
  • CONFIRMED: Jews did the computer worm! [NYT]

  • Starbucks has created a new Drink Size, the 31-ounce "Trenta," which is Italian for "kill yourself." [Reuters]


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