hayden.jpgWe're gonna be glued to the confirmation hearings. They're gonna be great. We learned today that Hayden has a tenuous connection to MZM Inc., the contractors who bribed their way into Katherine Harris' heart and the Cunningham suite of the Watergate. He's up to his ass in the NSA scandal. He looks like George's old boss Kruger from Seinfeld.

We think, before he faces down the Senate, that Gen. Hayden should study the confirmation hearing transcripts of this gentleman. And we hope this season gives us a soundbyte half as awesome as "let him twist slowly, slowly in the wind." Though these guys aren't as poetic as the Nixon team. No matter how much we might wish otherwise, "major league asshole" is no "ratfucker." Corruption was so much flashier then, wasn't it?

Who'll be the new John Dean? Let us know your best guesses.

CIA Nominee Hayden Linked to MZM [TPM]


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