He Stood Sweating By the Pool, Holding Condi's Towel ...

Doin' coke in South America - Wonkette

So this State Department intern got to go with Bush and Condi to South America, and he did the usual intern things: Checking Rice's flower bouquets for bombs, checking the swimming pool for bombs, standing for an hour at the pool holding Condi's towel in case she made good on her promise to swim laps, etc.

He (or somebody) posted a bunch of pix on the SomethingAwful.com forums, and they'll promptly disappear once we post this to Wonkette, so follow us inside for a few more shots we've saved from the inevitable memory hole.

Hitler was a *terrorist,* too? - Wonkette

What's up, Hitler? Like everything about South American anti-Bush protests, the posters are much better, too.

neutron bomb - Wonkette

Downtown Montevideo, after being completely cleared of all Uruguayans. This is how you make Bush think he's not totally hated by the entire planet.

Writes the intern: "We sent about 1200 Americans for Bush's 36 hour visit and shut down the whole city. It would be like President Vasquez coming to DC and shutting down the Mall and 496. It must have been terrible for the residents who couldn't get anywhere, no wonder they hate us."

The Continental ... - Wonkette

Guarding Condi Rice's room. What's that, a beer bottle in the corner by the door? And are those sleestaks on the label?

Speaking of Condi, here's the cabana-boy story that didn't quite make Penthouse Forum:

Secretary Rice was going to do laps in the pool. We went down there and swept it with the dog and then I personally stood there sweating and holding her towel waiting for her for about an hour. Then she changed her mind. An hour wasted!!
Notice how these people are so cruel that they use a live dog to clean the pool rather than a typical, humane pool skimmer?

These five South Americans love the USA! - Wonkette

And finally, the motorcade headed back to the airport. Hundreds of thousands of happy South Americans lined the highway to wish the president and first lady a happy and safe flight home. The end.

I went to Uruguay with the President. [Something Awful]


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