Healing the World, One Thought At a Time
    Here's your weekly think tank event roundup:

  • Monday, July 13: The National Endowment for Democracy, true to what it was put on this earth to think about, is hosting an event today that looks at how we can foster democracy in oil rich countries.  The demand for oil seems to bring about dictatorships in these countries instead of everyone's favorite type of government, democracy!  We wonder if the thinkers at NED get a kickback every time a country becomes more democratic ....
  • Tuesday, July 14: The Heritage Foundation is a little peeved that Congress is attempting to alter policies that were passed when Republicans were in control.  On Tuesday at 11AM they look at the REAL ID Act (a product they championed) and the PASS ID Act (the baby of the Democrats), which they insist that if passed will ruin our security, safety and global power, as Democrats exist solely to make the USA a breeding ground for terrorist activity.  Everyone know that destabilizing America is a favorite pastime of Pelosi and friends. 
  • Tuesday, July 14: "Urban revitalization" is perhaps the best euphemism for "How can we displace poor, homeless people and build more Trader Joe's without pissing everyone off?" Tuesday at 1PM the Brookings Institution examines the benefits of mixed income housing and shares its ideas as to how we can revitalize poor communities and help out small businesses. 
  • Wednesday, July 15: At 10AM, the United States Institute of Peace asks if women are jumping at the opportunity to serve as peacekeepers in wartorn regions as was hoped they would. We are sure that women everywhere thoroughly appreciate the Institute's "death equality" approach.
  • Thursday, July 16: The New America Foundation likes to host events to ponder thought-provoking ideas always leading to typical liberal conclusions.  On Thursday, find out if America needs manufacturing in order to prosper in international trade. And then find out that the answer is yes, of course!
  • Thursday, July 16: Remember that time when other countries turned to us for guidance? Not that we shouldn't look to other nations for advice, but we've managed to fail so badly that the Woodrow Wilson Center is using our own catchy messaging against us. On Thursday at 12:30PM, they are hosting an event called, "No Country Left Behind: Bringing the U.S. Up To International Standards," that focuses on how pathetic we are when it comes to K-12 education.

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