Health Care Advocates Decorate Their Offices With Swastikas, Definitive Proof They Are Enormous Nazis


  • If you are going to doodle swastikas all over the place because you are angry about the possibility of receiving affordable health care, at least have the courtesy to draw them correctly, and not make them all fruity and wobbly. Because it looks like your swastika has osteoporosis, which means it will most certainly be euthanized by Obama's death panel. [Think Progress]

  • Speaking of spray-painting swastikas. The culprit is obviously that black congressman. This whole thing is a chapter lifted from Sherlock Holmes and the Self-Inflicted Hate Crime Swastika. [Weekly Standard]

  • Speaking of black people. They are awfully similar to that cartoon character, Felix the Cat. So says the Financial Times, the reigning champion of shard-born analogies. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The House Judiciary Committee released a titanic load of Bush regime emails, concerning that whole Karl Rove attorney-purge debacle from God-knows-how-many-years-ago. As you can probably imagine, the folks over at TPM are already busy finger-bangin' the shit out of these documents. [TPM]

  • Listen when Levi Johnston has something to say. For he is America's resident expert on impregnating teenage girls. And you should respect that. [This Was Already On Wonkette This Morning, Riley, a Few Posts Down]


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