Health Inspector Horror Stories! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 1, 2021

Health Inspector Horror Stories! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 1, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

All Trump's impeachment lawyers are bailing, surprise! They are bailing because they're not willing to argue that the incitement to insurrection was justified, also surprise, that man's fucking wack. (Talking Points Memo) He's got two new lawyers I've never heard of, I'm sure they're really terrific. (CNN)

Who else is wack? Former Trump lawyer Lin Wood, and the Georgia bar wants him to take a mental health evaluation. Our Liz discusses at Above the Law!

Trump campaign hid HALF its spending through shell companies, and the Campaign Legal Center would like to know WTF? (Business Insider)

Senator Rob Portman thinks his fellow Republicans ought to stand up against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's grotesque statements. Guess what, they're not gonna! Anyway, he's making like a common Jeff Flake and exiting stage right even. — CNN

Yes, use one of your New York Times clicks: Michelle Goldberg says Joe Biden is the first Post-Reagan president. (NYT)

The filibuster only hurts Democrats, and Mitch McConnell knows it. — Hayes Brown at MSNBC

All the lies they told us about the filibuster. (Jon Chait at New York mag)

Republicans counter-offer six bucks and a ham sandwich for COVID relief. Luckily, that's an offer Dems can easily refuse! (NBC News) Meanwhile, the progs counter-counter with how's about monthly checks for everyone then? (Business Insider)

Airbnb is letting homeowners give discounts to those who've been vaccinated, and the people who are against it have VERY INTERESTING THOUGHTS. (They are lunatic thoughts.)

For Azure Campbell, who has been a host for three years, this line of questioning is akin to systemic racism. She told The Daily Beast, "There used to be ads that said 'If you're colored, you can't stay here.' This is the same level of thinking."

She went on to say, "This pandemic is a psychological political operation being used to further an agenda and usher in one of world governance. Their objective is for us to live in fear. I refuse to do so. 'Germs' are good, germ theory is a lie. Health comes from lifestyle choices and positive thought, never from poisoning the body and fearful thinking."

Daily Beast

Who else has COVID thoughts? This Republican former legislator/current family court judge, who is threatening moms with jail if they get their kids tested for coronavirus. Also, he lies some! (ProPublica)

ANOTHER Alaska AG resigns for sexing young ladies (this one at least was some decades ago). — ProPublica

DID YOU KNOW? You can pay office rent to your work-at-home employees under an "Accountable Plan," and it's not taxable to you or them. (Kitces)

Hell yeah pineapple fried rice. (Seonkyounglongest)

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