Health Insurance Agents: the New Welfare Queens?


  • Health Care reform’s nefarious "laws" will rise from the murky depth of Obama’s black heart and obliterate America’s most treasured and at-risk population, health insurance companies. [NCPA]

  • Viking conservative Erick Erickson puts it all in perspective for his toddler-aged readership: apparently winning a primary doesn’t equal winning an election. [RedState]
  • Just like how homophobia isn’t real, Islamaphobia is just a media construction so metastasized into our beings we just can’t help hating Muslims. [Big Hollywood]

  • How did this slip past our radar? Well known Portuguese spy, Bo the dog, was treated to his own personal first-class flight to Maine where the princling drank Perrier and shit all over a dozen American flags. [ARRA]
  • “Consider this a checkpoint, motherfucker!” is the hottest new party anthem in America. [Daily Intel]


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