Healthy Heterosexual Fun In Adams Morgan


  • D.C.'s romance with blow began sometime in the late '80s, a trend started by the Reagan Administration's lavish White House cocaine socials featuring teenage boy-hookers and live performances by New Order. Fast-forward to 2009: D.C. is coked out beyond Oliver North's wildest fantasies, except now all the delicious cocaine is mixed with baking soda and the entire Department of Homeland Security is infected with tuberculosis from sharing crack pipes in the office. [DCist]

  • With daily headlines exposing some sort of new gay congressional grab-ass scandal, it's hard to believe anyone in D.C. is actually attracted to the Fairer Sex. But we now have photographic proof of a peeping-tom in Adams Morgan supervising someone going pee in a bathroom, a bathroom for LADIES. [Holla Back DC]

  • Pretty people get all the good jobs, mostly because they have really cool names, like Kip or Alastair or Bianca. But aside from using a fake birth certificate like Obama, what else can help ugly people find work? How about a "Botox Bailout" from your friends at Reveal, located conveniently on Pentagon Row? It's like the New Deal but for your face! [DC Metblogs]
  • Every summer thousands of young impressionable political science majors flock to D.C. in hopes of having the privilege of emptying some congressperson's pencil sharpener or doing other odd jobs only political science majors are fit for. This is called "Living the Dream." But this dream was shattered for some poor intern after orchestrating an elaborate surprise office party for her congressman boss's birthday, only to be sent back to her cubicle to lick stamps, because "those stamps won't lick themselves." [Spotted: DC Summer Interns]

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