Heavy Metal Preacher Bradlee Dean Warns Of Obama's Plan to 'Eradicate The Hispanic and Negro Race'

Longtime Wonkette frenemy and gift to satire Bradlee Dean took to the interwebs Saturday to share some insights on the "Sons of Liberty Radio" podcast, warning that Barack Hussein Obama isno friend of the dusky-hued races, nevermind what the lamestream media has brainwashed people to think:

And do tell your black friends and your Hispanic friends, that the Obama Administration, through Planned Parenthood, is looking to eradicate the Hispanic and the Negro race. Hey friends, just saying, just ask Margaret Sanger, do a little homework friends.

He probably also thinks that Obama seeks to eliminate the Chinaman, the Hindoo, and the Hottentot, while leaving America helpless in the face of the imminent Mahometan threat.

As proof that he's done his homework, Dean went on to explain that the notion that minorities support the president is a mere illusion perpetuated by the media:

And-and-and here's another thing, let's get this right out of our minds, let's dispell all of these lies, friends, the black community doesn't support Barack Hussein Obama the way the state run media wants to you believe he does. And they do! They don't!

Look, who are you going to trust? State-run media reports showing that over 90% of the black vote went to Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 (which in other contexts prove how racist Those People are), or the word of Bradlee Dean, who knows awesome stuff about both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? And don't even get him started on the Hispanics!

And the Hispanic people! Because if they did, then why is he looking to legalize and give license to illegals in Mexico to come to America if he had all of that support? He doesn't have the support!

But the state-run media has deceived you into believing that they do. Friends, they only get away with what you let them get away with.

This is just simple logic. If the Negroes and Hispanics truly supported Obama, why would he be trying to bring extra Mexicans -- especially the ones who are already illegal in Mexico -- here to America to replace all the Negroes and Hispanics that he has personally aborted?

At first blush, Dean's claim that Barack Hussein Obama wants to eliminate the Negro race might seem to contradict his erstwhile attorney, Larry Klayman, who says that Obama is planning a genocide against The Whites. This would be a flawed analysis, however. Obviously, Barack Hussein Obama wants to genocide the Negro Race, the White Race, and the Hispanic Race so that illegal Mexicans and Muslims can come in and take over. God, do we have to spell out everything for you people?

Why can't people just see the world as clearly as Bradlee Dean does?

[Bluestem Prairie]

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