Hecht Rises to Salute Miers

HarrietatherfirstchurchofthedayCourt watchers can dither over Harriet Miers's qualifications or lack thereof -- but what does it say about her that her strongest proponent (next to the President) is her ex? Nathan Hecht has been barn-storming on her behalf since the announcement, popping up in every form of media possible as well as, more literally, popping up from the pew: Yesterday, he led a standing ovation for Miers at the former couple's evangelical church (her second church of the day!) as the pastor joked, "Nathan is going to write a new book about dating. I think Harriet's going to co-author it."

Ha. Ha-ha. I think I read that! "Rubyfruit Jungle," right? Just kidding. No one who so vigorously publicizes a past heterosexual relationship could be gay. Probably just very, very busy.

Miers gets standing ovation at church [AP]


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