Helen Thomas's Next Victim: Probably Tony Snow

tony%20snow%20headshot.jpgThese things can change quickly, but the latest word on the street is that Tony Snow of Fox News is the most likely replacement for Scott McClellan as White House press secretary. Rumor has it that Snow has essentially been offered the job and is negotiating the fine points with the White House.

We're a little disappointed that one previously mentioned candidate, Mark Pfeifle, is no longer in the running. He would have been a fun pick. A reader reminds us:

I know the infamous Mark Pfeifle -- who was recently Wonk'd at The Cult concert at the 9:30 (and looking very out of place I might add). I dont know if Pfeifle is a serious contender but if he ascends to the White House, be assured that there is PLENTY to dish on him. For laughs, ask him about the time he and Wayne Newton spent together in a hotel in New Mexico... I can also give you his Capitol Hill address if you want to google map/stalk him.

Meanwhile, as the Reliable Source gals report, the gambling odds at BetUS.com favor a long-shot candidate:

The Scott McClellan replacement odds are posted, for those too wonky for those highbrow "American Idol" elimination wagers. Since Wednesday afternoon, BetUS.com has taken 186 bets with an average of $70 per bet (maximum is $100):

Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino is tied with presidential counselor Dan Bartlett (6-5), followed by Fox News host Tony Snow (4-1), perpetual presidential adviser David Gergen (8-1) and former Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clark [sic] and former Iraq occupation spokesman Dan Senor (both 12-1). Perino has the lead with almost 60 percent of all bets placed, Bartlett is the runner-up with almost 25 percent, and four delusional guys are hoping to make more than $20,000 with former Clinton buddy George Stephanopoulos (80-1).

Dana Perino hasn't been mentioned in the latest reporting by major news organizations concerning McClellan's replacement, so her frontrunner status is surprising. Perhaps our wild speculation played a role in her domination of the odds. But did the gamblers see our retraction?

Or maybe their bets reflect wishful thinking: they just want more TV time with Perino, who's a definite hottie. And we can't really blame them, since she's the hottest of the bunch -- although we like that Torie Clarke, too.

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