Today, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people are taking to the streets and marching against gun violence, inspired and led by the high school students that are so often victims of it. Why? Because everyone is just really, really goddamned sick of living in a country where this regularly happens.

Rebecca, Shy and Dom are all in D.C. for the march there, but there are lots of marches happening all across the country if you are interested in attending one. LOTS. Like, Rebecca told me to make a list of all the marches so all of you would know where to go... but there are 843 sibling marches happening worldwide!

Seriously, there are so many marches that the entire United States and practically all of Europe are covered in dots where the marches are!

So, instead of listing all the marches, I am going to direct you to this site where you can just type in your city and they will tell you where your march is. How about that?

I'm gonna be updating this thread with pictures from around the country (AND MAYBE EVEN AROUND THE WORLD!), probably mostly of very clever signs, because we all love a clever sign. If you are going to a march and you have a clever sign, send it over to me at!

From Bill, in Bloomsburg, PA. Thanks Bill!

Lea and the teens get ready to march in Birmingham, Alabama!

3:10 Update by Doktor Zoom

There were about 2,000 folks at the Boise march, and a whole bunch of the #teens who walked out of their high schools last week were on the steps of the state capitol. Among the speakers was a teacher who was on the campus of Seattle Pacific University in 2014 when a bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with pepper spray -- but only after killing one person and wounding two others. She didn't think having a lot more guns there would have helped in the least.

Photos by Top Political Pundit Our Girlfriend:

Some people don't seem to realize protesting is Srs Bns:

At least someone -- Top Pundit His Girlfirend -- handed him a halfways decent sign, too.

Cosplayers for gun sense? Why not?

Oddly, there were no "March For Our Guns" counter-protesters, though one guy did walk by with a little tiny sign -- about the size of a hardback book cover -- saying "Protect Schools With Trained Armed Guards," attached to a stick that was almost as wide as the sign. Maybe he thought he might have to battle his way past some Antifa super soldiers.

Oh, look, Boise made it to Twitter, too!

Is he suggesting they don't?

OK, that's a relief!

4:43: We have some more of the nice pictures you sent us! Hooray!

This Wonder Woman was spotted by a Wonker at the Little Rock, Arkansas march!

North Bend, Washington, population 6,740

Great sign from Portland, Oregon!

A very sad sign from the Columbia, MO protest.

More cute kids from the Columbia, MO march!

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