Help Catch the Secret Pig Crook!

I am trying to break your heartWe don't like to get involved with "senate bills" around here, but now and then we find a non-odious proposed law -- a rare bill that doesn't aim to steal away more of our money and rights.

S. 2590 only wants "to require full disclosure of all entities and organizations receiving Federal funds."

In other words, there would be a website on the Internets, and you the American consumer-citizen could go to this site and find out who and what is spending all your tax dollars. Republican Tom Coburn and Democrat Barack Obama sponsored the legislation, and a bunch of other big names joined the bipartisan fun: Hillary, McCain, Reid, even Frist!

But a secret crook has put a "secret hold" on the bill.

That's right: A proposed government transparency law is being held down by a secret hold.

According to the Porkbusters gang, 27 senators are in the clear -- either because they're a sponsor or co-sponsor of the bill, or because they've firmly denied being the pig-thief anti-American monster.

That leaves 73 suspects, including two of the most offensive porkers in history: Robert "Exalted Cyclops" Byrd and Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens.

If you work for one of the suspects, why not do some sleuthing and send your pals at Wonkette a nice tip?

If you're a C-SPAN viewer, please stop watching C-SPAN for a while and call your senator's office. Ask if your senator is the secret crook blocking S. 2590. Then tell us what happened.

It's like citizen journalism or something!

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Who is the secret holder? [Porkbusters]



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