Even the famous picture magazineNational Geographic has a profile of DC as a fun-city-where-you-can-do-fun-things, all thanks to those earnest twenty-somethings and The Real World and Top Chef, etc. So perhaps this would be a good time to mention things you can do in the city that help make the world a better place? Besides, if you spent last week speculating about Elena Kagan's pajama time, you probably need to do some penance anyway.

Here’s one way to improve America: Go to the 9:30 Club on May 23 for the FIRST EVER SoundBites concert. What is it? Part opportunity to make America a better place/part opportunity to listen to local musicians and eat good food. How much is it? $30, and the proceeds benefit DC Central Kitchen, an organization that does an amazing job fighting hunger in a unique and exciting way!

The local musicians include DJ Will Eastman, U.S. Royalty, Bluebrain, Fatback DJs, Beautiful Swimmers and the Midnight Kids. Your Wonkabout is only moderately familiar with these bands, but the sources with whom she spoke said that they are all very good and certainly worth your money. [Beautiful Swimmers famously performed at Wonkette's Inaugural Ball last year! -- Ed.]

The food part of the event consists of you eating "tastes" from 20 different local eateries including the Commonwealth Gastropub, Eatonville, BGR the Burger Joint, Church Key Cork, Rustico and Taylor Gourmet.

Let's recap: you pay $30 to eat, drink and dance. Doing so helps the DC Central Kitchen, which means that you can keep on making fun of whomever you want and DC is the best city on earth so says everyone.

Soundbites, 5-10PM, Sunday, May 23, at the 9:30 Club, 815 V Street Northwest, Washington, DC, 20001 (202) 265-0930‎


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