Help Hillary Dude Make Nobama Radio Commercials!

Help Hillary Dude Make Nobama Radio Commercials!

Ed Hale, creator of theWorld's Greatest Website for pretend Hillary Clinton fanatics who WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE COLORED, has a favor to ask. Would you mind making Internet-radio commercials for his make-believe Internet Radio show against the Nobamas? You know, if you "think you have what it takes to be a radio star"? It is going to be a whole radio network -- "The NO Obama Talk Show Network. A place where you can vent your angry against Obama." Let's vent our angry together.

Here's the message Hale sent out today:

Hi All: Well I am excited at the coming of the anti obama talk show. Please go to the home page of, click on the banner that say "No Obama Talk Show" and look at the proposal.You may also vote on it. One more thing, if you think you have what it takes to be a radio star, then on the right side is a list of commerical I need for this radio program. All the instruction are there, so record those commercials and send them to me. It will be about 10 days before I have the equuipment I need to get here to start this show. Once it is here, then we will go live via the internet and take your calls. Ed

Make your commercial for the magic Nobama Show and send them to Ed! More importantly, send them to your Wonkette, and we'll post them tomorrow, so we can vent our angry.

Maybe one day Wonkette will have its own Radio Network Internet Show, even, to vent your angry!

(Thanks to "Mr. X" for the tip.)


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