Help These Nice Gals Go To An MTV Ball, America!

Help These Nice Gals Go To An MTV Ball, America!

... GO ON?

1. We are willing to pay $500 for 2 ball tickets ( I know its low-- but hey we are poor college students)

2. 2 tickets to the NBA All Star Rookie Challenge (hot ticket--- sold out!)

3. Mardi Gras Package (you have to get to New Orleans on your own)-- this includes a place to stay, tickets to all the parades and possibly an authentic Mardi Gras Ball and 2 days of unlimited free beer on the parade rout at the parades).

4. One night with a top of the line Britney impersonator (either a one-on-one show or a kid-friendly show for your kids birthday party)

5. One night of free baby-sitting

6. Swedish lessons from an authentic girl from Sweden.

#6? #6!

7. Tour of the CNN studios in Washington DC (you will probably see wolf blitzer)

Okay, so basically this is all we can think of right now to offer you wonderful people with ball tickets. Please email us other suggestions and we can work on it.

... #4 = #7?



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