Help Wanted: Dependent Thinkers Encouraged!

No new jobs? That's what they're griping about over at The Faithful Progressive, but you know what? Some people are so eager to blame everything on Bush they completely overlook any sign of improvement. Case in point: According to the Associated Press, there are so many economic policy job openings in the White House these days that "posts are being filled with nominees with little economic policy experience." So if you don't like the job situation in America right now, you know what? You can help change it! Just don't be too uppity in the interview. Sez the AP: "The fact that Bush's agenda is so White House driven has made it hard to entice seasoned individuals with economic experience to take senior positions, analysts suggest. Few want to go through the indignities of the presidential appointment process to be cheerleaders for policies they can't influence."

Bush Puts Star Players On Security Team [AP]

Read My Lips! Still No New Jobs [Faithful Progressive]


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