Help Wanted: Donna Shalala Seeks Two Gardeners

Last month we reported that Donna Shalala, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services and current President of the University of Miami, is living the high-life -- while university janitors are trying to unionize and win a living wage. The story was picked up in the Washington Post and the Miami Herald, among other places. Now we bring you this brief update.

pedro vale and luis jaen.jpgThe latest news? The maintenance workers at UM are now on strike, and last week they were joined onthe picketlines by the two groundskeepers who take care of the gardens surrounding Shalala's 9,000 square foot mansion. Now who will pick the fresh mangoes that Shalala boasted of to the New York Times magazine, when they ran their lavish real estate porn spread on her house?

What should Shalala do? Our advice: flee from the scene! Shalala is being discussed -- along with Condoleezza Rice, among others -- as a possible replacement for outgoing Harvard president Larry Summers (who was no stranger to controversy himself). If that Harvard offer comes through, Donna, take it and sail away from Miami -- on your 29-foot boat!

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