Help Wanted, Nerds a Plus

i made you a bass but i eated it - WonketteRep. Ginny Brown-Waite -- a bit of a loon, sure, but more or less harmless for a Florida Republican -- apparently is on the market for more than just a roommate. According to an ad at (via Capitolist):

"Congresswoman Ginny Brown (R-FL) seeks a Legislative Assistant to handle her Homeland Security Committee work and other issues as assigned. Candidate must be hard-working, have a cheerful personality, be extremely well-organized, and know how to cook a delicious bass."

We thought that was weird and funny until another Capitolist poster taught us that this is apparently a reference to Napolean Dynamite, a movie we refused to see once we realized it wasn't actually about Elvis Costello. Still, this is a woman who once said "git 'r' done" on the House floor, what do we really expect from her.

Capitolist post


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