Helpful Louisiana Teacher Shares Good News Of Lord By Telling Buddhist Child He Is Stupid


Thinking you were going to round out the rest of your Friday without something too terrible and and stupid coming your way? Silly, silly people. Of course there was going to be some last gasp of awful just like this horrorshow out of Louisiana where it is apparentlytotes cool to teach about Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ and shut the fuck up you little heathen in public schools. Yay!

What is it like to take tests in the classroom of one Ms. Rita Roark in Sabine Parish Louisiana? It does not sound like a class we would like to attend.

Sixth-grade teacher Rita Roark has told her students that the universe was created by God about 6,000 years ago, and taught that both the Big Bang theory and evolution are false, according to the lawsuit. She told her students that “if evolution was real, it would still be happening: Apes would be turning into humans today.”

One test she gave to students asked: “ISN’T IT AMAZING WHAT THE _____________ HAS MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The most appalling part of that question might not be that it demands the kids answer "Lord." it is that it teaches the little buggers that it is perfectly appropriate to write in all caps and use twelvety-five exclamation points in a sentence. If you keep teaching them that, they'll grow up to be shiftless bloggers.

It was inevitable, of course, that the unstoppable force of Ms. Roark's very loud Christianity would meet the immovable object of some poor kid who didn't come from a Jesus-loving family.

When informed that C.C. was a Buddhist and therefore didn’t believe in God, Roark allegedly responded, “you’re stupid if you don’t believe in God.” [...]

When the outraged parents confronted Sabine Parish Superintendent Sara Ebarb about the incidents, she allegedly told them “this is the Bible belt” and that they “shouldn’t be offended” to “see God here.” Ebarb advised that C.C. should either change his faith or be transferred to another District school where “there are more Asians.”

See? We told you it was going to be really terrible. Why don't you ever listen to us?

Sadly, this isn't all that surprising, given the location. Naw mang, we're not doing any Southern Bible Belt tarring everyone with the same brush kind of thing here. We're talking about the fact that Louisiana actually passed a law, the euphemistially-named Louisiana Science Education Act, that allows public school teachers to bring in their own supplementary materials aka the family Bible to learn the young ones about creationism and how global warming is a dirty lie. Normally we are not fans of the slippery slope kind of argument, but if you give Bible-loving creationist teachers an inch they will take every last fucking mile imaginable and tell little kids that they are stupid if they don't subscribe to a particular type of sky god.

Oh, were you thinking this might be some sort of isolated incident at this school peculiar to a particularly aggressive Ms. Roark? You would be so so wrong.

Prayer is often lead by teachers in classrooms and during school events. Religious literature that denounces evolution and homosexuality has been distributed by faculty members to students. The school’s hallways are filled with Christian iconography and electronic marquee in front of the school scrolls Bible verses.

They seem nice.

Thankfully, the ACLU has sued the school in federal court, so there's at least some chance that our dear Ms. Roark might be prohibited from ALL CAPS JESUS LOVING!!!!!!!! tests in the future. For this we pray.

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