Henry Kissinger Admits Iraq Occupation Is Just For Oil

He's *always* been the Secretary of State ... - WonketteIn his new job as op-ed columnist for the Khaleej Times (?!), America's greatest diplomat explains that while we utterly destroyed a country that was at least stable before 2003, there's just too much damned oil to leave.

But under present conditions, withdrawal is not an option. American forces are indispensable. They are in Iraq not as a favour to its government or as a reward for its conduct. They are there as an expression of the American national interest to prevent the Iranian combination of imperialism and fundamentalist ideology from dominating a region on which the energy supplies of the industrial democracies depend.
So, we toppled Saddam because our former ally held a grudge about the last Gulf War, and now we're staying forever because our other former ally (Iran) still holds a grudge. Grudge = No western companies taking all the oil. Stick your purple finger in that, bitch!

The new Iraq strategy [Khaleej Times]

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