Henry Kissinger Sleep-lies Through Another Committee Hearing

Pictured: Henry Kissinger's HotSoup.com profile. Online now!

Henry Kissinger testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday, and by Dana Milbank's account, it was a bravura performance. Kissinger managed to suggest that Bush had a secret plan to end the war, and then he convinced all the Senators that he agreed with everything they were saying. That lovable old (inaudible) is just as wily as ever and he'll apparently be with us fucking everything up for another hundred years!

Zombie Kissinger assured Sens. Obama, Biden, Lugar, Feingold, Coleman, Menendez, and Isakson that Bush's plan was totally "not incompatible" with their objectives, and no one even had to care what the plan or the objectives were.

The secretary's agreeability had a calming effect. "I think what I'm seeing here is someone testifying and almost everyone on this committee agreeing," observed Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). "It's an interesting thing to watch."

Kissinger then softly sung the committee to sleep with his soothing baritone. Now whenever he says "jackpot" Senator Boxer clucks like a chicken -- it's fun!

Wherever a Senator's Question Leads, Kissinger Gamely Follows [WP]


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