Here Come the Judges

Desperate times, desperate measures:

in%20case%20of%20emergency%20break%20glass.jpgThe Post says this about the Republican push forward on stalled judicial nominations:

So let's say you're the governing party and you're worried about upcoming elections because of high gas prices, low poll numbers, copious scandals, internal discord and an unpopular war. What do you do? For congressional Republicans, the answer is to start a new fight over judges.

The take of the Times is strikingly similar, if less colorfully phrased.

You know the Republicans are in trouble when they start talking about judges. But can you blame them? Judicial nominations have been one of the few bright spots for the Administration.

If you're lying in a deck chair on the Titanic, you might as well get a nice tan.

Fire Up the Culture Wars [WP]

Republicans Stoke an Old Fire: Judicial Nominations [NYT]


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