Here Is a Video of Wonkette Singing About Masturbation


Bob Schieffer hosted a karaoke fundraiser event for drunk newscasters and other drunken media types. Team Wonkettewon Best Worst Performance, and here is the video that proves it:

[youtube expand=1]

In the red belt-gown is Wonkabout Food & Booze expert Arielle Fleisher. On the left is the glamorous Liz Glover, who was more or less propositioned by Luke Russert later that night. They were both dressed as Christine O'Donnell sex witches. In the middle of this threesome is your Riley Waggaman, dressed like a Hare Krishna and wearing pantyhose on his head -- which was supposed to symbolize a meatball but obviously nobody "got it."

Dave Weigel gave a star performance but was CHEATED out of a Karaoke Trophy. (Luke Russert apparently "won.") But seriously, Weigel rocked and even had all these dancing biddies up on stage with him. But did Weigel even pretend to care about these women? Of course not. He gave them all paper-cuts with his WaPo severance check and then danced with Team Wonkette instead.

Special thanks to Dawne Langford for being our special Wonkette cameraperson, and also many thank yous to Amanda Moran, who was in charge of Wonkette makeup/powdering Riley's honker.

But the real hero is videographer extraordinaire Liz Glover, who not only provided all the costumes but also edited this Best Worst Performance video. Obviously it was impossible for her to edit out "all the embarrassment" but c'mon people, it's karaoke! Yay Liz!


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