John Boehner is correct that this shutdown"isn't some damn game."  One difference is that it sucks, while games are fun. And it will suck again in mid-December, which is when Boehner wanted to not play this not a game again with another must-pass funding bill. Merry Christmas, jerks! Give us Obama's right nut or Prancer's burger meat. That's not the reason for the season!

But what if John Boehner's heart grew a few sizes, not in a medically dangerous way, but whimsically, like in a children's book by a patriotic socialist? Wouldn't that be swell? Well, it could happen!

Boehner just has to say, "Obama refuses to negotiate. Therefore I, John Boehner, Speaker of the Whole House, am proposing a continuing resolution that funds the government through mid-January. Americans deserve a Merry Christmas, and all the other ones, too." Then we get a Happy Holiday Season with Season's Greetings Aplenty and the egg nog shall flow like scotch into Dana Rohrbacher.

We just need 18 House Republicans to play Boehner Claus's elves. BONUS: Target practice for the Koch cash cannon! Who's feeling brave? Who wants to Save Christmas?

[ABC News / National Review]


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