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There is that saying, about imitation and flattery and whatever, but all we know is that here is another insane campaign commercial starring a bunch of demon creatures, not unlike the beloved Demon Sheep of Carly Fiorina, circa 2010. This strange video does not really come close to being that terrifying, but it is still bizarre and confusing, because since when does Bigfoot live in Texas, first of all?

In case you have not noticed, the state of Texas is basically being overrun by mythical monsters. They are everywhere, people see them all the time! But the good people of Texas cannot seem to find their Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. He is lost, or has been abducted by chupacabras, most likely! Therefore, elect Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate?

Demon Sheep is tough to top, but that's what Ted Cruz's campaign is aiming for in this web video castigating Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Instead of a wolf in sheep's clothing, Cruz is likening Dewhurst to the elusive "Chupacabra" or "Bigfoot."

"Since he entered the race on July 21, Dewhurst has skipped nine candidate forums," charges the narrator. "He simply won't stand and answer hard questions from grass-roots voters."

Whatever is actually happening in these wingnut campaign strategy sessions, we would prefer not to know! [Youtube/POLITICO]


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