Here Is Your Grisly And Depressing A.M. News Update

  • President-elect Obama will deliver a scary speech this morning warning that the recession will drag on for pretty much ever unless Congress passes a stimulus package now now now. [Reuters]
  • Some Chicagoans are very mad at Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White for being so racist against his fellow black man that he won't certify Roland Burris' appointment by Rod "Taint" Blagojevich. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • A U.N. relief convoy in Gaza was bombarded by Israel during the three-hour cease-fire yesterday. [Al Jazeera English]
  • The Red Cross said they were barred by Israel from entering Gaza for several days, and reported finding a couple of emaciated (but alive) kids in a house full of corpses. [Washington Post]
  • He failed at his wars, and he didn't reform Social Security, so President Bush will leave office touting the marvelous success of No Child Left Behind. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Oakland is in an uproar following the New Year's Day police shooting of a young unarmed black man. [MSNBC]

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