Here Is Your Nice Time Big Gay Drag Show Fundraiser, Military Edition


Haha it must be SO HARD to be a wingnut right now who loves the gay sinner but hates the gay sin (yeah, right), who loves the military but hates the actual troops, because some homosexxican service members at the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa just did a drag show fundraiser for an LGBT servicemember group there.

[S]ervicemembers here may have been the first to take to the stage and perform as drag queens on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender troops.

Drag queens and drag kings, to be precise.

Six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight — donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” for a raucous capacity crowd at the Rocker NCO Club at Kadena Air Base. The event was a fundraiser for the recently formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN, which is the largest nonprofit advocate for the military’s LGBT community.

Let us be the first to say YAAAASSSSSSSSSS to this.



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