Here Is Your Wonkette Refuge From the 9/11/11 Internet Madness


We did not want to post anything, on this Day of Dread when we are supposed to forget about the awful industrial savagery and Crushed Freedumbs of the past decade, but you nice people keep sending us "tips" asking for some kind of refuge, shelter from the storm, what have you. Well!

We can post a few somber-yet-irrelevant videos, right? And you can leave comments and commiserate, as humans occasionally like to do, on Lonely Christmas or Divorce Day or ...

The best thing is to just stay away from television and the Internet and newspapers and your weird brother-in-law who remembers what a tough day that was, back in accounts payable at the Staples regional distribution center in Des Moines, right before (during?) football season. Good luck, everybody!


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