Here's a Portrait of Riley Waggaman Covering the NYC Protests (With a Monopoly Apple Computer)


At least the New York Observer is giving a little of the News Hole to the #OccupyWallStreet gang! Here's our own correspondent, Riley Waggaman, with his bad-ass bomber jacket and monopoly Apple laptop that is now the only computer manufactured and sold, since Apple became a monopoly, according to some self-loathing douche-poop who works on Wall Street and can't believe the nerve of these people in a ruined nation actually using computers the way everyone does.

We're very happy to have Riley back on the Weird Beat. UPDATE: And now we've gone through all these portraits and they are very interesting, a lot more brown and black people than the CORPORATES would have you believe, because it's so much easier to say "eh dumb white hippie take a bath/trustafarian whatever" than to show an actual Lost Generation of people in their 20s and 30s and beyond who literally have nothing to look forward to, under the Current Regime, except for struggle and strife and lies. Also, there are a lot of handsome crew/rugby guys who could easily be junior Wall Streeters by day, and most likely have the kind of student loans that should result in some employment options, haha? And there's Andrew Krucoff, our longtime anti-blogging hero from YoungManhattanite. He is really one of the only people we don't loathe. [NY Observer]


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