Here's a Sneak Preview of Sarah Palin's Dumb TeeVee Show


Unloved circus bear Sarah Palin has big plans to become President Queen of God's America soon, because not even a majority ofRepublicans can tolerate her reality-teevee idiot antics, but in the meantime she needed to squeeze some more Hollywood Millions out of her favorite place, Hollywood. And that means a Sarah Palin TeeVee Show, on the basic-cable "how pizza works" channel for the obese & unemployed, "History Channel." "The Learning Channel." (Ha, what?)

Unless she quits halfway through like she quits everything else, for eight exciting episodes Sarah will introduce other illiterates to the best state Sarah knows about, in terms of her vulgar house being there, and also a lot of Taco Bells and hospitals you can easily pay off to hide Trig's birth records, because Good Gravy who tosses hundred dollar bills around like that? (Not Sarah when she's tipping, ha ha!)

Well, anyway, here's this piece of shit:


Please be super kind when reviewing this craven attempt to squeeze a few million moar from Sarah's low-rent notoriety. We like the "original version" a lot better:

[youtube expand=1]

[USA Today]


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