Here's Barack Obama Saying He Didn't Really Mean To Give Tax Cuts To Rich


It's that guy again, Obama. According to some who actually listened to this speech, he "acts liberal" about halfway through, for a few minutes. Yay! But what did he actually mean?

The businesspeople at Bloomberg say:

President Barack Obama vowed to cut $4 trillion in cumulative deficits within 12 years through a combination spending cuts and tax increases, setting the stage for a fight with congressional Republicans over the nation’s priorities.

The polite leftists at Salon say:

Here we go again. A few days after he agreed to a compromise with Republican leaders to keep the government open -- and just as he's about to deliver a major speech on his long-term deficit reduction priorities -- President Obama is being confronted with warnings that he's at risk of losing his left-of-center political base.

And we say, "Oh just quit talking, Obama." The end.

(Here's the text of the speech, from ABC News.)


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