Here's the Nut Who Threatened Eric Cantor, Threatening Barack Obama a Year Ago


Ha ha, why didn't Barack Obama have this webcam arrested LAST YEAR, before Norman Leboon "removed" Barack Obama from the White House after Norman Leboon removed all the satellites from orbit, and also the Secret Service? And why didn't Harry Reid hold a press conference announcing this YouTube against him?UPDATE: Most hilarious Norman Leboon video ever added to this post, lol Family Guy/Star Wars.

And here is Norman Leboon's terrifying vision of the Apocalypse that happened last year -- do you remember?! -- when a Eurythmics song played as this still picture of a dust cloud was broadcast to Earth by God:

What else we got from Norman, threat-wise?


And here, God's most blase Messenger has a great message for England, because God is so proud of England's Lutheran Church, and props to da Pope, too, for the good wishes!

Don't judge, haters! Sometimes God is vicious and nuts (see: Old Testament) and just cold wants to kill his People, and other times he smokes out and relaxes and it's all good. Just need to calm down the Evangelical Christians, because they're kind of out of control! They're saying horrible things about God, who is right here on YouTube! Dude.

And now, the masterpiece:


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