Here's The Official Catalogue Of Sins, From The Family Research Council


Did you pray like the dickens yesterday, on the National Day of Prayer that Barack Obama hates so much? Yeah, we forgot too. But they say certain corners of Hell have been successfully gentrified in recent decades, so there's always that. Anyway, there'sanother prayer day, maybe, on May 23, and here's the official Catalogue of Sins (PDF) that Jesus wrote on his conservative Acer PC, via the Family Research Council. ("Lifting someone's luggage" is missing! Phew, now that joke's out of the way.) Let's explore the State & National Sins category, cuz it's our beat, right?


Citizens -

Abandonment of God and His Word

as the foundation for civil order

Apathy & neglect - failure to vote, serve,

& support God-fearing men & women in


Passive & active support for evil leaders

Neglect of stewardship of liberty & Godly


Willful ignorance & neglect of

community, state & national affairs

Silent indifference to the imposition of

evil laws & public policy

Greedily seek entitlements & largess of big

government despite cost to children

Leaders -

Judicial, legislative & executive actions

affirming, fostering, promoting &

exporting: abortion, infanticide,

homosexuality & atheistic education

Treasonous barter of American liberty to

international interests

Deceitfully leading America into New

World Order

Using international influence to promote

immorality & abortion

Deliberate destruction of America’s

military defense

Interference and usurpation of parental rights

& responsibilities

Violation of the Church & religious civil


Usurpation of parents’ authority by

indoctrinating children into sexual

promiscuity, pantheism (worship of the

environment), polytheism

(multiculturalism), atheistic humanism,

liberal politics, socialism & statism under

the guise of public “education” while

failing to teach fundamental academics or

simple truths of right & wrong

Thievery via confiscation of private property

under veil of “environmental protection”

Thievery of family wealth via confiscatory

estate and inheritance taxes

Thievery via confiscatory levels of income

tax & use of tax dollars for evil

Thievery from future generations through

wicked borrowing, deficit spending &

amassing unconscionable public debt

Thievery from all Americans via inflation

Oppression via suffocating overregulation

Violation of the national covenant with the

people: the Declaration and Constitution

Tyranny via unjustified surveillance, search &


Persecution of Christians (restraining, abusing

& firing Christian School teachers,

government workers, etc., who are true to

their faith), passage of laws

discriminating against vocal pro-life

Christians, imposing outrageous fines and

punishments which do not fit the “crimes”

(e.g., abortion clinic bubble laws, hate

crimes laws, etc.)

Imposition of Statism and Socialism in every

arena of American life (schools,

medicine, business, charity, etc.)

Exaltation of State as God, nullifying His laws

& demanding control over areas of life

(including the Church & Family), that

rightly belong to God

That is Psalms, word-for-word.

[PDF via Call2Fall/trusty old chascates]

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