Donald Trump was in the Oval Office doing one of his desperate cries for help, we mean an "Official White House Event," and because he is a VEWWWWWY GWUMPY PWESIDENT right now, he decided to be a total shitmouth to a nurse.

No, she wasn't trying to replace his mounded plate of Big Macs with a kale salad or anything, this wasn't some kind of geriatric President Grandpa lashing out at his assisted living nurse type thing.

This all happened because it is National Nurses Week and Wednesday was National Nurses Day, which meant there was an event at the White House. And the nurse speaking, Sophia Thomas, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, didn't say anything particularly harsh to provoke the ire of the Whinyass-In-Chief. She just casually mentioned that a few nurses have had trouble accessing PPE during this global pandemic, but nurses are Ford Tough and will make it through:

THOMAS: PPE has been sporadic,, but it's been manageable and we do what we have to do. We're nurses, and we learn to adapt and do whatever the best thing that we can do for our patients, to get the job done, and get the care provided ...

The other nurses present nodded along with Thomas's assessment. Just before that, she had mentioned she had been using a single N95 mask for "a few weeks now." A normal, functioning president with a functioning brain and heart, whose skin was more than a millimeter thick, would have shown empathy for Thomas's struggle, would have reassured her and all the other nurses present that we're all in this together and dammit, we are getting that PPE, come hell or high water.

But there's no "together" in "I, Donald Trump," so he whined:

TRUMP: Sporadic for you, but not sporadic for a lot of other people.

And then Nurse Sophia Thomas, realizing she had inadvertently stepped on the landmine of President Sensitive Feelings, had to try to fix it, because of course she did. "Oh no, I agree, Mr. President," said Thomas, at which point Trump continued to whine at her:

TRUMP: Because I've heard the opposite, I've heard that they're loaded up with gowns now.

Gowns, fuckin' gowns, so many gowns you're gonna get sick of gowns.

Then it was time to blame Barack Obama:

TRUMP: Initially we had nothing, we had empty cupboards, we had empty shelves, we had nothing because it wasn't put there by the last administration ...


Yes, Obama should have replenished the face masks after H1N1; and also, the Tea Party Congress should have let him; and also again, Trump has been president for three years now and instead of refilling his cupboards he's been doing things like cutting the CDC and firing the pandemic team. Not that that has to do with anything, we're sure. Meanwhile, double whistleblower complaints this week explain how back as far as January, real doctors at HHS were screaming at the top of their lungs about upcoming mask and other PPE shortages, but they couldn't get the Trump administration to listen. So therefore, Jared Kushner, Prince Of Idiot, had to put together a volunteer group of the best Baileys and Hunters he could find, to follow important leads from Judge Jeanine to procure PPE. Surprise, it did not go well.

The New York Daily News spoke to the head of the New York State Nurses Association, Pat Kane, who told them that fully half of their nurses still don't have the PPE they need. But sure, Trump, whine some more. It's definitely all about you.

Here is some more of Trump whining about cupboards bare of PPE, and also lying and saying he WAS TOO wearing a mask on his trip to Arizona, he was just wearing it "backstage" and you didn't see it:

There is a global pandemic going on, where nurses are on the frontlines protecting Americans and people across the rest of the world, but mostly America these days, because we're the only country with well over a million cases of the novel coronavirus. And again, it was a National Nurses Day event at the White House. Could the president manage to get through such an event without being an absolute shit to the president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners?


You know, in case you woke up this morning with amnesia and forgot what an utterly damaged human being Donald Trump is.

Of course, less than a week ago, Trump fired Christi Grimm, the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services. Her crime? Putting together a report — a "fake dossier" Trump called it, and you know how he hates "fake dossiers" — about what hospitals were telling HHS about their PPE supply shortages.

In other news of the Trump administration really being good at life right now, HHS Secretary Alex Azar says there are coronavirus outbreaks in all these meatpacking plants because of their workers' immigrant lifestyle, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is fighting with Axl Rose on Twitter.

In other words, it's Thursday.

[New York Daily News]

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