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Wisconsin certified its election results Monday. These are the formalities we must pay attention to thanks to Donald Trump's jacklegged coup. While incompetent, his efforts to disenfranchise millions of voters are still as repulsive as his adult children. This asshole tried to have ballots thrown out from people who couldn't get to the polls because of age or disability. His campaign argued that some of them “didn't meet the criteria." May he rot forever in hell. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Joe Biden also won Arizona again after the state certified its election results. Trump is still whining while the ghost of John McCain laughs derisively. (Arizona Republic)

Sidney Powell's banana pants election fraud lawsuit cites a witness who observed skullduggery in Edison County, Michigan, which does not exist. Maybe she meant Springfield or Riverdale. (Raw Story)

“Doctor" Scott Atlas has resigned from his position in the Trump administration. Now that the US has had at least 13.5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, this quack medicine peddler can finally hang up his leeches. (CNN)

China might not have been entirely on the up-and-up with us about COVID-19. That's still no excuse for racists to call the coronavirus the "kung-flu." (CNN)

Coronavirus cases are surging in California, and Governor Gavin Newsom warned Monday that he might have to more drastic measures, including more restrictive stay-at-home orders that Trump-inspired “patriots" will likely ignore. (Los Angeles Times)

People acted a fool on Thanksgiving and now what Andrew Cuomo calls the COVID Grinch is gonna steal Christmas. (AP)

Someone could probably redeem the otherwise-creepy “Baby, It's Cold Outside"by recording a “Baby, There's COVID Outside" version encouraging everyone to keep their ass home for the holidays.

Newsmax, one of Trump's preferred propaganda outlets, has experienced a surge in ratings, as Trump turns on Fox News. You love to see it. (NPR)

Trump cultists are turning on Republicans in Georgia, just when Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are heading into a runoff election against the far superior Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. We also love to see this. (Washington Post)

Symone Sanders will serve as senior adviser and chief spokeswoman to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. She's 30 and fierce. Sanders is also a native of Omaha, Nebraska, whose congressional district Biden/Harris flipped blue. (Omaha World-Herald)

Sanders delivering eclipse-level shade on Omarosa has become part of my annual Black History Month celebrations.

President Sore Loser might launch his comeback tour on Inauguration Day, when our real president, Joe Biden, is sworn into office. (The Daily Beast)

Crossing the street in Portland, Oregon, is a trickier proposition if you're Black. A new study shows that Black Portlanders are three times as likely as white pedestrians to be hit and killed by a vehicle. (Willamette Week)

Richard Pryor was born 80 years ago today. I leave you with the master at work.

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