Herman Cain About To Quit Because of Practicing His Love Too Much


'I'll catch you ladies in a few days.'Briefly popular ignoramus Herman Cain was already sinking in the GOP primary polls like every other random dingbat the party has puked up for consideration during this long, long 2012 campaign season. But the latest scandal, that he carried on a 13-year-long affair with a lady who was not his wife, seems to be enough to finish him off. In the "next several days," Cain will decide whether he wants to go back to being a simple millionaire riding around in limos with all his ladies, promoting his books.

CBS News reports:

The Herman Cain campaign is "reassessing" its strategy in the wake of a woman's claim that she and Cain had engaged in a 13-year extramarital relationship, a senior staffer to the campaign told CBS News. The staffer made the statement following reports that Cain told supporters Tuesday morning that he is reassessing whether to remain in the Republican presidential race.

On a conference call, Cain told his senior staff that he would make a decision on staying in the race "over the next several days."

Now let's all hold our breath for the Republican primary voters to also force Newt Gingrich out of the race, for his two decades of philandering and multiple divorces and gross affairs with literally every woman he could convince to hump on his toadlike physique (two women, total). Certainly the GOP wouldn't hold a black candidate to a different standard, right? [CBS News]


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