Herman Cain Launches New Personals Site 'CainConnections.com'

Herman Cain Launches New Personals Site 'CainConnections.com'

Herman Cain has discovered what we will call "Sarah Palin's theorem," that just because you are not running for President does not mean you can't act exactly like you're running for President, in order to cash in. Herman Cain has a new non-campaign campaign website that is very wonderfully titled CainConnections.com, because he still hasn't managed to wrangle a single human being to his team to act with a surrogate sense of self-awareness. And oh yes, there will be a non-campaign campaign bus tour as well, can you guess the theme?


The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO announced plans to tour the country to raise support for the “9-9-9” plan that was the star of his aborted presidential run, hoping to rally congressional sponsors for his plan to replace the federal Tax Code with a 9 percent corporate tax, 9 percent personal income tax and a 9 percent national sales tax.

The one-time Republican front-runner announced his “Cain’s Solutions Revolution” during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

“I started a new movement. The biggest comment I got when I ended my candidacy was to keep 9-9-9 alive. That’s what this is about, and I’m going to keep it alive with what I’m calling Cain’s Solutions Revolution,” Cain said.

Ha ha, but REVOLUTION is Ron Paul's meme! We hope he is looking forward to the thousands of angry Paultard emails.

Anyway, just remember that a fake campaign bus tour was Sarah Palin's idea first! Which we only mention to point out that this will be her one and only tragically stupid enduring legacy in American politics. [Politico]


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