Herman Cain Not Entirely Sure What This Medicare Thing Is


Serial scumball Newt Gingrich and banal grifter idiot Herman Cain held some kind of "modified Lincoln Douglas style debate" Saturday night, which attracted exactly as much media attention as Newt Gingrich desperately blathering reasons why he deserves Herman Cain's veep pick on a Saturday night as you'd expect. There was exactly one fun part, when Herman Cain was asked the world's most incredibly basic question on whether he will keep Medicare (the current "defined benefits plan") or destroy Medicare (Paul Ryan's "premium support plan"). Herman Cain has no idea what any of that is, so he tries his usual tack of repeating a few of the words back for a few seconds and then just gives up and makes a weird "fatal server error" face. IS IT UR TURN ALREADY, NEWT?!?!

TalkingPointsMemo has a useful summary of the debate if you're into that kind of horrorporn, but the problem was that Herman Cain was asked a question first. This is how the entire exchange went otherwise: Newt talked for six billion years and then Herman Cain said, "yeah, whutever Newt said."

“If you’re dealing with something as big as Medicare, you can’t force people, because they will oppose you,” Gingrich said, then speaking at length about the need to fully re-examine entitlement programs, crack down on fraud and abuse, and get policymakers to think about the choices in front of them, before ending on a punchline: “And getting people in Washington to think is a very big challenge.”

Cain opened his own response by saying: “At this particular juncture I’m supposed to have a minute to disagree with something he said — but I don’t.”

Which is exactly what Abraham Lincoln would have said. [YouTube/TPM]


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