Hero Disgraced Texas Judge Will Prosecute You To The Fullest Extent Of The Law And Then Probably Some More


So let's say you are really bad at your judge job. Like criminally bad. Like so bad you have to step down from being a judge because of how your grip on ethics isn't just tenuous, it's entirely nonexistent thanks to what how you thought it was a great idea to secretly feed questions to the prosecutor during a trial. What should you do? Why, you should totally turn around and run for prosecutor, because Texas.

Let's learn ourselves a little bit more about the not-at-all-illustrious former judge Elizabeth Cokey, shall we?

According to Wells [the whistleblower], he was sitting in the audience at the time of the trial when Kaycee Jones (an assistant [Polk County] district attorney at the time, who is now a judge for the 411th District Court), allegedly borrowed his notepad. According to Wells, Jones received a text message from [Judge] Coker and she wrote word for word the contents of the message on his notepad.

Well, we just don't see what all the fuss about this is. Who among us has not been a judge who colluded with the prosecutor right smack dab in the middle of a criminal case? It could happen to anyone, people! It's patently unfair that you'd have to give up your sweet-ass district court judge robes (so flattering! so versatile!) just because someone wanted to impose their narrow view of morality all over your judging.

Never fear, though, because you can't keep a good entirely unethical judge down.

SPOILER ALERT AND TRIGGER WARNING: This block quote coming atcha is ENORMOUS but there's just so much awesome in her statement we couldn't possibly give you any less.

Coker states “after serving as a district judge for almost fifteen years I am now looking forward to serving in a new capacity as a public servant. The outpouring of love, support and prayers over the past several months has been tremendous. It made me realize that public service is still in my blood and I am honored and humbled that many of our fellow citizens still want me as a public servant.” [...]

“I have seen firsthand the need for improvement in the District Attorney’s office: A better working relationship with all the law enforcement agencies in our great county; better communication with witnesses and victims; utilizing assistant prosecutors and staff to their fullest extent; training the newest prosecutors and taking a proactive approach to managing the office while being mindful of taxpayers’ money” Coker said “these are some of the areas that if elected, I am committed to improving.

Coker apparently neglected to add "I will up my all-important prosecutor win percentage by finding one of my former colleagues who has the same ethics as a bag of weave to feed me information" but we figure that part is a given. Vote Coker!!

[Think Progress/Polk County Today]


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