Hero Kansas Republicans Stand Up For Women's God-Given Right To Bear Their Daddy’s Baby


Kansas Republicans are very Reasonable People.How reasonable are they? They stripped out of their superfly abortion bill language that would have barred women who work at abortion providers' from volunteering at their children's schools. Like so:

[O]ne thing the bill will no longer do?

The committee removed a provision that would have banned abortion clinic workers from volunteering in their children's schools. The measure would have banned such activities as chaperoning field trips, serving as PTA officers and baking cupcakes for school activities.

Oh no! How could the Kansas legislature abandon our children and leave them vulnerable and exposed to the possibility of eating cupcakes made by women's health care providers? Don't they know how dangerous abortion food can be?

ABORTION CUPCAKES Y'ALL. Oh we are so glad we stole Miss Kaili from Daily Kos. But back to the matter at hand!

One thing the Kansas abortion bill will still do is ban abortion in the case of rape and incest. And the Republicans in the Kansas legislature are very ANGRY that some dumb Dems tried to add amendments to the bill with just those exemptions, because the Dems were trying to GOTCHA them, by letting ladies abortion their daddy's babies. Let us listen in, and nod our heads sagely:

Senators discussed the bill for more than two hours, and the debate grew heated. The proposals to add rape and incest exceptions to Kansas’ abortion restrictions and strip out the language on breast cancer were soundly rejected in the House.

“These amendments are little gotcha amendments,” Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, a Hutchinson Republican, said, his voice rising. “I’m getting a little irritated at it.”

Terry Bruce is getting irritated, everyone. YOU WOULDN'T LIKE TERRY BRUCE WHEN HE'S IRRITATED.

Senators who support abortion rights said they weren’t trying to show up abortion opponents by offering the amendments on birth control, rape and incest, and breast cancer. Sen. David Haley, a Kansas City Democrat, said he wanted to ensure that policies with broad support among Kansans aren’t eroded.

“It doesn’t matter to any of you, as long as that in utero is protected, above all else,” Haley told his colleagues. “You’re entitled to that, but stand up and be counted.”

Haley offered an amendment to add language to the measure saying that a woman couldn’t face prosecution or civil lawsuits for using birth control. The Senate voted 27-8 against Haley’s amendment after Public Health and Welfare Committee Chairwoman Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Shawnee Republican and strong abortion opponent, read existing protections in Kansas law for access to birth control.

“This is political hijinks,” Pilcher-Cook said. “We should be focused on the bill instead of trying to make political points.”

Why are these Democrats trying to do gotcha hijinks? And WHY -- for God's sake WHY -- are they trying to strip out language from the bill that would force doctors to lie to ladies that their bortions will give them boobie cancer? Those hijinksy gotchaing Dems are just insisting on traveling science's path to Satan's hellnest.

[LJWorld via Wonket operative "Tom"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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