Hero Oregon Math Teacher Suspended Just For Telling Students Planned Parenthood Would Turn Them Into Streetwalking Prosties!


Well here is another fine howdeyedo! Bill Diss, a computer and math teacher in Portland, Oregon, has beensuspended just because (according to the district) he is unprofessional and intimidating and harassing and told his students they would end up on "82nd Avenue" (WHERE THE WHORES ARE) if they joined the "Let's Not Get Pregnant After-School Club for Kidz" put on by the Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with a bunch of baby-murdering pimpers named "Planned" "Parenthood." But wait! There's more!

The letter included statements from another teacher in the classroom, who said Diss frequently yelled and confronted students. It also told Diss it was inappropriate to discuss chastity, purity, premarital sex, abortion and religion in his math, computer science and study hall classes.

Diss has said there was a misunderstanding about the reference to 82nd Avenue, which is known for prostitution, but admitted to talking about Planned Parenthood and religious beliefs in class. Because he doesn't stop students from expressing their own views, he says, it can be appropriate.

Cool math class! "If Planned Parenthood murders three million babies in three years, how long of an eternity will you spend in hell?" Or how about: "If 375 million sperms compete to invade one ova, how long have you been a hooker letting men ejaculate inside you for money?"



Rebecca Schoenkopf

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