He's As Qualified As the Current Guy ...

You think that's funny? - WonketteAccording to a "well-placed source on Senator Obama's staff," Barack Obama and his manager David Axelrod are going for the White House, now that weirdo Warner is out of the picture.

So he's not running for Senate again ... because that "tarnishes his credibility," because it is very difficult to get the stink of Washington off your clothes. Oh, and senators don't get elected president these days. Which means, it's already too late, but he'll try anyway.

Why do senators continue to run for president? We're pretty sure a senator (or ex-senator, whatever) hasn't won the White House since television was invented. Yeah, LBJ was president -- but he had to kill Kennedy to get the job. And Nixon, but he was Nixon. And JFK, but come on, John Kennedy! Anyway, this is very important for the civil rights because Obama will be the first black to lose the White House to a Bush.

Obama's book hints at presidential run [Chicago Tribune]

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