Hey -- Does Denmark Make Maple Syrup?

Jeffrey Hinzman is a U.S. soldier applying for political asylum in Canada based on his refusal to fight in the Iraq war. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The Hinzman case has infuriated many Americans, who say that members of a voluntary military have no right to pick which orders they will follow. Some critics note that the volunteers sign an "enlistment contract" that details terms of service and includes an oath to obey orders. Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly has advocated a boycott of Canadian-made goods if Canada doesn't send deserters back to the U.S. to stand trial.

Uh, what Canadian goods?

Oh, Bill, you and your bright ideas! Why don't we just pack you off to Darfur...

Update: Yes, we know, the United States imports massive amounts of oil and natural gas from Canada, as well as a wide range of agricultural products. We are informed by Wikipedia -- which hopefully hasn't been tampered with by some wily Canadians -- that Canada is, in fact, the United States's largest trading partner.

Give us a break! We were just trying to be glib -- which is in our job description.

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