Hey Everybody, Here's a Rumor About Laura Bush!

Careful, vampire gal! - WonketteYesterday's anonymous unsubstantiated crazy irresponsible rumor turned out to be 100% true, so let's go with another one:

Is it true Laura Bush is living part time in the Mayflower Hotel because she cant stand being around George who is drunk all the time?
It would take a federal prosecution to even confirm that Laura Bush is still alive, so this will not be one of those "Jim Webb's a heavily armed psychotic" things that sort of reveals itself.

What do we know about Marriott's Renaissance Mayflower Hotel? It's just five blocks from the White House, "hotel suites and rooms boast upscale amenities including Bath & Body Works products," and we were happily spreading rumors of Laura at the Mayflower -- because George & Condi were screwing each other -- nearly a year ago.

But the Mayflower is a non-smoking hotel, so there's no way Ms. Smokey Welch is staying there.


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