Hey, How About Shut Up?

* Joe Lieberman is a total fucking moron. [The Swamp]

* Many a drunken homosexual will copulate in the name of Hillary Clinton. [Fresh intelligence]

* Iraq, freedom's bastion in the Middle East, may soon require its citizens provide documentation in order to enter Baghdad. [Iraq Slogger]

* Fox News objects to the message that anything but the loving insertion of the fingers of Jesus Christ into a woman's vagina may prevent sperm from fertilizing her egg. We have some calls to make. [Think Progress]

* Harry Reid is totally going to have the best sleepover ever. [Election Central]

* Judi Giuliani really meant that her husband likes fucking prostitutes, also. [Gaggle]

* Bill Kristol is really proud of himself for something, we're not quite sure what. [Huff Po]

* It's just like when Brit Hume asked the tough, probing questions at that creepy Republican debate. [Hot Air]

* If it's funny once, it's funny seven times. [RedState]


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