Hey Joss Whedon! We've Got 4 New Strong Female Leads In Your PM Happy Links!


It's Joss Whedon's birthday, Dov Charney is still gross, Robin Thicke is also gross, and soccer happened! Here are the fun, the fabulous, the freakish and the fubblitbubblitdumbblitiest (we made that up, could you tell?) things we brought ya this afternoon over on yourHappy Nice Time People.

We invented four new kickass superheroines for Joss Whedon to use in future projects.

We watched Dov Charney wave his dick, metaphorically this time.

We wondered whether Robin Thicke actually wants Paula Patton back at all.

We enjoyed yesterday's round of World Cup soccer or "foreignball."

Enjoy yourselves, ya crazy monsters! Have a good night, and pray to Goddess that our imaginary BFF Joss Whedon hears our cry.


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